At comfort food, our purpose is to provide quality meals and loving community support to primary care givers of individuals who are facing terminal illness and/or life altering illnesses.

It is the goal of Comfort Food to come along side and support primary care givers by providing healthy meals. Many care givers experience care giving fatigue due to the on going stress of caring for the needs of a loved one who is facing a terminal illness. By providing healthy meals and community support, we hope to meet the primary needs of many care givers by giving them the encouragement and nourishment needed to endure the hardships. we aim to create an evolving community of people, who understand the difficulty of facing the loss of a loved one, to provide an inclusive support system for primary care givers.

At comfort food, we are also aware of the default social routines that a terminal illness can establish for both individuals who are facing a terminal illness, and those individuals who provide primary care. If you need or want to interact with someone who is not a health care professional, comfort food volunteers are available to not just deliver meals, but also to eat with your family.

Comfort Food is a not for profit organization offering services to families who are in crisis. We offer sliding scale fees of services for families facing financial hardship due to loss of income and medical bills.