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Are you a primary caregiver? Are you starting to feel a little tired, a little burned out? Are you stuck on the never ending cycle of fast food meals and microwave dinners? Do you want the support of a community to refresh you with encouragement, constructive support, and quality nourishment?

It sounds like you need some comfort food.

In order to provide the best assistance to you and your family, we need to you to provide us with some information. all information provide to comfort food will be kept confidential. If you are unsure if comfort food is right for you, please read about the purpose of comfort food and the history that created this organization.

To request assistance from Comfort food, complete the application form.

It is the goal of comfort food to provide services to as many people as possible. Services are provided based on need and financial hardship. Your request will be reviewed by a qualified comfort food associate, and we will contact you regarding the status of your application.