Meet the comfort food staff

boldly mixing a quirky sense of humor, with a calm acceptance of the dangers associated with a chaotic kitchen, the comfort food staff is happily dedicated to using food to care for caregivers.

Like a warm, tasty chocolate chip cookie, the comfort food staff will help to make your day a bit more pleasant. (please, do not try to eat the staff.That would be most unpleasant)

Christin boothe

Christin Boothe was born and raised in the beautiful state of Colorado. As a child, she quickly grew to love the outdoors, and spent many a day camping, fishing, and exploring the nearby mountains.  Her passion for the outdoors remains to this day, and you can still find Christin navigating through mountain streams trying to perfect her fly fishing technique.

Christin Boothe

Christin is the youngest of three sisters, born to her parents Rick and Anna Boothe. She believes that her nieces, Grace and Kelly, and nephew, Trevor, are the cutest kids on the planet. Next in line are her friends’ kids, and her cross-eyed rag doll cat, Beau (Christin is an ex-cat hater).   Christin is incredibly blessed with a great circle of friends and colorful family – ask her about uncle melvin sometime and you’ll understand.

Christin has always felt a natural inclination to express herself through food. When words fall short snacks are abundant. “I care for others by preparing and giving them food. It’s how I say I like you,” explains Christin.  Ask any of her friends, and they’ll probably testify to receiving a care package of Christin’s goodies at one time or another.

Because of this, it was a natural next step for Christin to leave the land of cubicles and pursue cooking.  In 2004, Christin graduated at the top of her class from the Professional Culinary Arts program through the Culinary School of the Rockies.  It became a running joke with the program instructor that Christin wanted to cook for world peace instead of pursuing celebrity chef status. Despite the teasing, her skills grew during her time at Patisserie le Petit Prince, Sourges, France.

Following graduation, Christin found her way into Fort Collin’s renowned Canyon Chophouse, working as the Garde Manger (Pantry Manager)/ Pastry Chef. Since then she has moved on to become Head Chef and Dining Service Manager at the Winslow, a retirement community in Fort Collins.  In the winter she can be found helping organize meals for the local homeless shelter

Ellie strandquist

Ellie grew up with 5 other siblings, a stay-at-home mom, and was home schooled all the way through. Her upbringing wasn’t exactly the“norm” but She wouldn’t change any of it. Taught by her Italian-American mother, she has been cooking for her family of 8 for many years.


Ellie believes that working in the kitchen is a way for her to bless others’ lives, to soothe her own soul, and to stretch her creativity. In 2007, Ellie attended techniques classes at Culinary School of the Rockies (Boulder, Colorado), which she
describes as one of the best experiences she’s ever had. During 2007 and 2008, Ellie worked at The Wayside Inn and the Retro Bistro kitchens in Berthoud, Colorado, which gave her insight into the professional culinary world.

After gaining experience in a professional kitchen, Ellie began to look for a place that would allow her to increase her excellence in the kitchen, while using her efforts to love on others.  In a bizarre series of event, she met Christin Boothe. Ellie connected with christin’s spirit immediately, and when Christin shared her vision for Comfort Food, Ellie was hooked. Here was someone who looked to serve others above herself, and who was incredibly gifted with food to boot.

The opportunity to work with Christin in developing Comfort Food is something Ellie could never have imagined on her own. She is thrilled to her toes to participate in seeing people’s lives change by bringing good food and love to those who are hurting.