At comfort food, our purpose is to provide quality meals and loving community support to primary care givers of individuals who are facing terminal illness and/or life altering diseases.

What a wild journey it has been! I’m amazed by the progress that Comfort Food has had since becoming a 501C3 in February (that a wonderful birthday gift for me.) Since February we have seen donations of kitchen equipment and monetary gifts.

We have been awarded our first grant, launched the web-site and began exploring kitchen options and renovations, as well as finishing business plans, scheduling fund-raising events, selling Uncle Melvin hats, creating menus, and working with the health department to figure out all the red tape. We have watched the community of Comfort Food grow and Comfort Food as an organization has started to come to life. Whew! No wonder I’ve been so busy! We’ve seen exciting great strides in just a few months.

It seems that most everyone can relate to the mission of Comfort Food. I’ve heard story after heart breaking story of families who have, or are in desperate need of, support. The need for Comfort Food is great. No caregiver should ever have to walk alone in their journey. The passion of the Comfort Food community is to reach out in love and provide quality meals. My heart quickens when I think of the people we’re going to serve and my hope is that we’ll be able to make the road a little lighter. I ache when I have to tell people that there are few pieces of the puzzle that need to fall into place in order to be fully legal and functional. I would love to be able to help them NOW!

What’s next? The next big piece of the puzzle is upgrading our kitchen to meet health department codes. We have been given permission to use the Loveland, First Baptist Church kitchen. They are excited to support Comfort Food. The kitchen is in need of some renovation, to what extent is still to be determined. I’m in over my head with building codes! We’re hoping to have a commercial general contractor on board who is skilled at bringing kitchens up to code in cost efficient and timely manner. I would love, love, love nothing more than to be operational before the holidays. It’s a lofty goal but, one I believe can happen with a little help from Comfort Food friends.

Here are the great needs of Comfort Food; General Contractor, capital for renovations, start-up costs and to serve families, a “numbers” person and volunteers. We all are able to participate, I can’t do this alone and it wouldn’t be any fun with out others who are willing to join in. Come join in the wild journey.

Christin Boothe
Christin Boothe
Founder and Chef